IEGB’s humble beginning started with the establishment of IESB in 1994 by its Managing Director, Mr. Ng Hai Teng and other co-founders. It started modestly in a small premises in Melaka and from there, it has grown steadily to be a reputable supplier of precision tooling products to leading MNCs such as Infineon (Malaysia) and Osram (Malaysia) in this region.

​IEPSB, involved in similar business activities as IESB, was incorporated 1998 to further strengthen its business foothold in Melaka and its surrounding areas. With the success of IESB, the founders were able to secure more contracts and deliveries from existing and new clients. Consequently, production output increased significantly together with greater capital commitment, human and other resources. Production facilities were also expanded.

Following the growth and success of both IESB and IEPSB, the founders through IESB invested in IE(PG) and SCESB in 1999 to service and market its products and services in the northern region of Malaysia mainly to Osram (Malaysia) and Minebea-Matshusita Motor.

With successful marketing of its products and services in the Klang Valley and its surrounding areas, IE(KL) was incorporated in 2001 to support and service its customers with principal businesses mainly in lead frame stamping, semiconductor, connector mould and other electronics companies. IE(KL) also receives support from IESB and IEPSB from the technical knowledge perspective and the supply of the Group’s primary products in the precision tools and parts categories.

In 2010, IEGB was voluntarily delisted from Bursa Malaysia as the company’s shares were trading below its intrinsic value and also to regain full control of its management decisions. In the same year, IEGB made a decision to transfer IEKL to a trusted partner. Reason being that IEGB would be able to focus on the core business in Melaka.

In addition to the local market and continuing supply of its products and services to Infineon (Malaysia) and Osram (Malaysia), IEGB has started to establish business relationships with other Infineon and Osram manufacturing sites at Wuxi (China), Regensburg (Germany), Richmond (USA) and Osram (Germany). In recent years, IEGB successfully secured contracts with Sunpower Group and Knowles Electronics Group.