IE Group of companies is generally involved in manufacturing of fabricated parts, high precision tooling, jigs and fixtures, equipment engineering and others in the fields of:

Stamping Industries

Semiconductor Industries

LED Lighting

Watch Industries

Aerospace Industries

Solar Industries

Plastic & Rubber Industries

Equipment Engineering


IMpressive Edge GROUP BERhad

Manufacturing in the fields of:

  • Electronics/Semiconductor industries
  • Solar industries
  • Plastic and rubber industries
  • Equipment engineering
  • Aerospace industries
  • Watch industries
  • Solid state devices industries
  • Stamping industries

IE also provides services in:

  • Designs and development
  • Reverse engineering and re-engineering
  • Direct technical support

IE excels in:

  • Competitive pricing
  • On time deliveries
  • Assured quality
  • On-call service support


Our manufacturing personnel are all trained, experienced and committed to quality of the products. Production activities are assured of quality at every process to ensure meeting the conformity of the product requirements. Delivery of products to customers are assured of quality through a final quality assurance process using high end measuring equipment to maintain customer satisfaction.

High precision machining, equipment engineering, led lights, parylene coating solution, mass production


Malaysia (MY) Leading Manufacturer in delivery highest quality engineering products.

IE is one of the leading manufacturers in manufacturing high precision tooling in the areas listed below: ​

– Precision Tooling & Part
– Degate Tools
Ultra Precision Pins & Punches
– Ultra Precision Die & Die Inserts
Trim & Form Die Sets
Semiconductor Cavity Bars
Tungsten Carbide Precision Parts 

Manufacturing process is able to handle a wide range of material ranging from hard metal carbides to rubber and plastic materials.

IE specializes in the design and development of jigs and fixtures for all areas of customer needs.

IE is equipped with the capabilities to design, develop and re-engineer standard and customized equipment for customer needs. We are specialized in the field of forming, cutting, stamping and singulation equipment.

In addition, IE has the capability for optional integration in vision system, laser system, reel to reel and magazine system. Designing uses up-to-date software for 3D simulations, for example, AutoCAD and Solidworks.


IE has the capability and capacity in terms of floor space, expertise, manpower and machine specialist to handle high volume mass production.

IE LED Tube Light and Down Light offer a higher output compared to traditional light.
Advantages include:

  • Long life span
    (LED 35k hours vs normal 10k hours)
  • Brighter illumination
    (LED 325lux vs normal 160lux)
  • Power saving > 50%
    (LED 18W vs normal 42W)
  • User friendly
    (Easy replacement with direct AC)
  • Eco friendly
    (Mercury free)

IE provides parylene coating solution to meet your needs.

The use of Parylene

Parylene serves multiple purposes including
– electrical insulation
– moisture and chemical isolation
– mechanical protection
– enhanced lubricity, and
– surface consolidation to avert flaking or dusting.


Parylene is the trade name for a variety of chemical vapor deposited poly(Poly-Para-Xylylene) polymers used as moisture and dielectric barriers.  Parylene is green polymer chemistry. It is self-initiated (no initiator needed) and un-terminated (no termination group needed) with no solvent or catalyst required.

Green chemistry, also called sustainable chemistry, is a philosophy of chemical research and engineering that encourages the design of products and processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances.

Whereas environmental chemistry is the chemistry of the natural environment, and of pollutant chemicals in nature, green chemistry seeks to reduce the negative impact of chemistry on the environment by preventing pollution at its source and using fewer natural resources.

As a chemical philosophy, green chemistry applies to organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry and even chemical engineering.

While green chemistry seems to focus on industrial applications, it does apply to any chemistry choice. Parylene material was discovered by M. M. Swarc in 1947  and it was commercialized by W. F. Gorham in 1965.

How Parylene is applied

Parylene is applied at room temperature with specialized vacuum deposition equipment that permits control of coating rate and thickness. The deposition process takes place at the molecular level as the chemical, in dimer form, is converted under vacuum and heat to dimeric gas; pyrolized to cleave the dimer; and finally deposited as a clear polymer film.

The material is applied at .0002-in per hr. Coating thicknesses from .100 to 76 microns can be applied in a single operation. Typical coating thickness for circuit boards is .001-in.

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